Wednesday January 18, 2017

A) Gambit 
For Time: 14 MIN CAP 
50 Back Squats 225/155
1000m Row 
*Barbell starts from floor 

B) Duchess 
10 Rounds: 9 MIN CAP 
3 Power Snatches 165/115
20 Double Unders 

C) Seven-Five 
5 Rounds: 9 MIN CAP 
15 HRPU 
15 Wall Balls 30/20 

D) Accessory: 
• Single Leg (Bounding): 3x8 (EL) 
*Cover as much distance in 8 single leg leaps. Spend as little time as possible in between leaps. 
• Banded Hamstring Curls: 3x20

Never let what you can't do get in the way of what you can!

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